Labor Day

3 on 3 Tournament

5th - 8th graders

4 divisions:

5th & 6th grade, GIRLS

5th & 6th grade, BOYS

7th & 8th grade, GIRLS

7th & 8th grade, BOYS


Monday, Sept 2, 2019 (Labor Day)

Registration Deadline:  Wed. Aug 28

3 on 3 Tournament Game Rules:


Be on Time – Games will start as scheduled


Teams are responsible for furnishing their own jersey or uniform.


Game length:  16 minutes with a running clock. Time will be monitored by the gymnasium master clock.  Score will be kept by the court official.  Teams must play the entire game.  Not allowed to hold the ball or stall as the game clock runs down.


Player Substitutions:  Each team is allowed 1 substitute (4 players on a team), but a substitute is not required.  Substitutions may be made at any dead ball situation.  If a team with only 3 players has an injury and that player is no longer able to play, then that team must forfeit that game and all other games that the player is unable to perform.


Game start:  A coin flip before the game will determine who gets first possession of the ball to start the game.


Score:  All baskets are worth 1 point unless the shot is clearly behind the 3 point line.  Baskets scored behind this line are worth 2 points.


Fouls:  Fouls will be called by the official on the court.  Offensive fouls will result in a change of possession. Defensive fouls will result in ball being “checked” by offensive team.   If a foul is called on a shot and the basket goes in, the basket will count and possession of the ball will change as normal because the basket counted.  During the last 2 minutes of the game, defensive fouls will result in free throw opportunities.  One free throw will be allowed for 1 point.


Possession:  The ball must be taken back behind the 3 point line at every change of possession.  Failure to do so will result in loss of possession.  The ball must be “checked” by an opposing team player before it is put into play after a point is scored.

No take backs on Offensive rebounds.  (Team does NOT have to take the ball back if getting Offensive rebound.)


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All games will be played at Hoop Hunter Basketball (10600 Dunham Rd, Roanoke, TX, 76262. ​


9:00 am - Until finished

$140 per team

4 games minimum guaranteed

Games will begin at 9:00 am on Labor Day.  

Bracket schedule will be emailed to registered teams by Friday, August 30th.


All teams must register by Monday, August 26th.



           Each player must fill out a registration form to compete.    Each coach must fill out a registration form for their team.


Concessions will be available for purchase.  Spectators are encouraged to come and cheer on their favorite teams.


Please email any questions you may have:

Additional rules:


Jump Ball:  Jump Balls are awarded to the defensive team.


Appeals:  Only team captains can appeal a call to the court monitor.


NO timeouts with the exception of an injury.

NO:  “make it, take it”

NO:   3 seconds in lane calls


Conduct:  Any player or team displaying behavior that is detrimental to the fun and safe atmosphere of this Hoop Hunter event will be removed from the game and tournament.


Overtime: Overtime will be 3 minutes of extended play. If the score is still tied after the 3 minutes then the winner will be decided by a coin flip. During BRACKET PLAY, if the score is tied after 3 minutes of extended play then the teams will flip a coin for possession of ball and play Sudden Death (first team to score wins).


Courts: When using Courts 1, 2, 3, or 4 (side baskets around the gym), the GREY lines and the BLUE half court line will be used as the boundaries (out of bounds) for game play. When using Courts 5 or 6 (main baskets) the BLUE lines will be used as boundaries (out of bounds) for game play.


First aid will be located at the concession stand.


Hoop Hunter Basketball​​
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10600 Dunham Road
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