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Welcome to Hoop Hunter Basketball. We offer year-round high-level basketball training to individuals and groups whose goals are to take their game to a higher level.

We also offer high intensity summer camps, mini-camps, clinics and programs for highly talented players of all ages.

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A Hoop Hunter goes house to house, playground to playground, gym to gym, city to city, state to state, country to country, just to play a friendly, competitive game of basketball.  When a Hoop Hunter hits the court, they are trying to hunt for the hoop by shooting the ball inside the basket. 


Our founder and leader, Deon Hunter believes that “if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.” Therefore, it’s about preparation meeting the opportunity. At the HHB facility, we begin the process with a simple consultation, sometimes followed by an on-the-court evaluation of the player, group or team’s talent and skill set. In some cases, if necessary, we request video of the player, group or team to determine where we need to begin. After further discussion, together with the parents and/or coaches, we create a game plan that will support the enhancement of their overall individual, group or team needs. Finally, players are held accountable for their continued development by writing in weekly journals.

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