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Skills Tune Up

7th - 12th graders, co-ed:

Tuesday, March 17

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

cost: $45

* When we allow boys and girls to participate in the same event, our goal is to have the girls work with other girls and boys with boys if at all possible but please note that we wouldn’t do anything to negotiate the safety and welfare of either gender.   All players must bring their own basketball.


* If you prefer more personal attention, please consider signing up for private or small group training sessions.


Areas of Focus:

  • Ball handling

  • Ball handling while being guarded

  • Rebounding/ blocking out

  • Passing (what pass to make/when to make pass)

  • Getting open

  • Defensive stance/ defensive slides

  • How to set a screen

  • How to read a screen

  • How to use a screen

  • Transition scoring

  • How to do V-cut/L-cut/curls/fades/flares

  • Squaring up & pivoting (forward & reverse)

  • Triple threat play (jab step, shot fakes)

  • Shooting (catch & shoot/shoot off dribble)

  • Stride step vs. jump-stop when shooting

  • Being ready vs getting ready to make a play

  • Drive & kick

  • 1 on 1 go-to moves

  • Tips on what it takes to be a college athlete

  • Time management

  • Typical day for preseason and in season


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