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Monday, October 21

Home School Event

Become a Better Ball Handler

with Deon Hunter

6th - 8th graders. co-ed:

10:00 - 11:30 am

Cost:  $35

Players will learn basic and advance ball skills needed to dribble with speed, protect their dribble, change directions, relax the defender and advance the ball up the court.


Players will also learn how to use specific ball handling drills (at home) to further enhance their ball handling. 

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What will be taught?

•    Triple Threat Posture (Ball Placement)

•    How to Advance Sight While Looking Up the Court

•    First Step

•    Ball Control Dribble

•    Speed Dribble

•    Cross Over, Hesitation, Retreat, Around the Back & Reverse Pivot

•    Two Ball Dribbling

•    Finger Tip Drills

•    How to Protect the Ball While Being Defended

•    Combination Dribbles

* When we allow boys and girls to participate in the same event, our goal is to have the girls work with other girls and boys with boys if at all possible but please note that we wouldn’t do anything to negotiate the safety and welfare of either gender.   All players must bring their own basketball.


* If you prefer more personal attention, please consider signing up for private or small group training sessions.


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