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Memorial Day Clinics Special rate:  $25.00

Saturday Clinics  1-2:30pm


6th - 8th Grade

Setting and Using Screens/Scoring

Sat., Jan. 7th

7th - 12th Grade

Spacing Concepts/Using Lifts and Drifts

Sat., Jan. 14th


3rd - 5th Grade

Shooting Off Dribble/Stride Stop

Catch/Shoot/Moving w/t Ball

Sat., Jan. 21st

3rd - 5th Grade

Ball Handling/Creating Separation

Attacking and Scoring

Sat., Jan. 28th


7th - 8th Grade

Off/Def Ball Handling w/ Pressure

Sat., Feb. 4th

6th - 8th Grade

How to Score in the Midrange

Sat., Feb. 18th

7th - 8th Grade

Advanced Shooting: Shooting Contested Shots

Sat., Feb. 11th

7th-12th Grade

Post Player Skills

Sat., March 4th

2nd - 3rd Grade

Basic and Advanced Fundamentals

Sat., Feb. 25th

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