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Conduct Policies for Club Teams

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Parents & Players will be:


Be encouraging, supportive and affirmative in regard to the teams play on the basketball court.  This includes practices as well as tournament games.

Respect officials and accept their decisions.

Support the coach, director and the team.

Comply with the rules, policies and procedures of the Team and the Club (including financial commitment).

Parents will only discuss their child’s status on the team with the coach, at a time mutually agreed upon by the coach (never prior to, during, or directly after a game).



Parents & Players will never :


Engage in dissent directed toward an official during any basketball game.

Engage in any kind or type of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, director, player, or adult prior to, during, or after any practice or game.

Interfere at any time with the duties and responsibilities of the coach or director.

Act in any manner which is detrimental to the Team or Club.



Players who don’t agree to play together as a team will be asked to leave the team and no refund will be offered.



Parents who disregard these rules will be politely given an initial warning by email.  If the situation continues or escalates, your child will be asked to leave the team.  No refund will be given.


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