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What you Can Expect from our Club Teams


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Hoop Hunter Hustler’s Club Team Program is designed to help mold your student athlete into a better player on AND off the court. Hoop Hunter coaches will continually TEACH your child basketball fundamentals/skills to better their overall individual and team basketball skills and to prepare them to perform at the next level.



Hoop Hunter coaches will work to MOTIVATE players to push each other to get better each and every day.We work to help develop a basketball mentality in every player to better fit him or her to perform on the court at a high level.



Hoop Hunter Hustlers will INSPIRE each other with the help of our coaches, as we work to become a cohesive unit. Coaches will work diligently to INSPIRE your athlete to push their skills to the next level through healthy competition.



Hoop Hunter coaches will PRAISE Hustlers as they work hard to better themselves and others. Hoop Hunter Hustlers will PRAISE each other as we work hard together to preform at a high level on and off the court.



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