Columbus Day Clinic

Monday, October 11th

Top-Tier Shooting

Join our HHB staff for 1 1/2 hours of focused training on how to
technically shoot various shots successfully to help players become above-average shooters. During this program, players will go through the A, B, C steps needed to fully understand how to develop and sustain the “blueprint” and “framework” for becoming a top-tier shooter.

Areas of Focus:

  • Basic Formula & Framework for Shooting 

  • Basics Principles for Developing an Above the Head Shot 

  • Basic Footwork for Shooting (Stride Step & Jump Stop) 

  • Form Shooting (Above & Below the Head) 

  • Stationary/On the Move Catch & Shoot (Posture & Readiness) 

  • Shooting Off the Dribble (with an above the head shot) 

  • Shot Fake Escape Dribble (using 1 & 2 dribbles and a jump stop)
    ● Creating Space Using a Step Back 

  • Practice Drills for Raising Your FG Percentage