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Using, Setting, and Reading On-ball & Off-ball Screens

5th - 6th Grade Boys and Girls

Monday, July 12th - Thursday, July 15th

1pm - 3pm

Cost: $160


(Players must register to attend)

During this 4-day camp, players will learn the importance of setting, using and reading screens with and without a defender.

Players will learn how to call for screens, how to setup screens, how to properly read
screens, as well how to hedge screens on defense, how to sink, how to properly call out screen.

Areas of Focus:
● V-cuts & L-cuts
● Setting/using screens
● How to properly read a screen
● cutting/curling/flaring off of screens
● Rubbing shoulders when using screen
● Going over and under screen defensively
● When to cut, curl, flare
● Using and denying screens as ball handler
● Making the correct pass and read

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