Premier Skills Camp

1st - 2nd Grade Boys and Girls

Tuesday, June 1st - Thursday, June 3rd

1pm - 3pm

Cost: $120


(Players must register to attend)

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During this camp, players will be introduced to the basic skills of basketball. Each day, our trainers will teach a variety of drills that will be centered around the focused skill of the day.

Players will learn how to protect the ball using a Triple Threat position and how to dribble, shoot, or pass from that position.

They will be taught the fundamentals of shooting and how to shoot off of the dribble or pass.  

Above all, our trainers are focused on creating an exciting atmosphere for the players to have fun while learning the great game of basketball!

  • Fundamentals of the Triple Threat position and ball handling

  • How to shoot the basketball

  • Fundamentals of right and left-hand lay-ups

  • How to attack the basket against a defender

  • Fundamentals of defense

  • How to box out and rebound

Each player must bring a basketball each day.