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Point Guard Camp

Cost: $200

Session I

June 14th-17th, 1pm-3pm

7th-8th Grade Boys

June 21st-24th, 1pm-3pm

7th-8th Grade Girls

Session II

July 19th-22nd, 1pm-3pm 

7th-8th Grade Girls

July 26th-29th,1pm-3pm

7th-8th Grade Boys

 What To Expect:


  • Warm-up to get the body prepped and ready for the day's work. As well as stationary 1 and 2 ball drills for an additional build-up. 

  • Players will be taught a variety of ball handling moves simple, but effective to help get them up the floor against a defender, and using your “shield” to protect against an aggressive defender.

  • Players will develop better practice habits.

  • Players will become a better communicator. PG’s are an extension of the coach on the floor. Communication is KEY! 

  • The importance of advancing your sight and seeing plays develop before they happen. 

  • Player will learn how to use the pick and roll and assess different options out of it. Using “early work” to get to your spot so that the screen can be used more efficiently. 

  • Players will learn how to motivate and encourage teammates especially in tough situations. 

  • playing with poise, and patience, but also being assertive and attentive at the same time. 

  • Players will be taught to size up your defender on offense to create opportunities on offense

  • Players will work on the use of the speed dribble getting from end to end as fast as they can while under control keeping the head and eyes up the floor. 

  • The retreat dribble to create space from the defender and reset.

  • The hesitation dribble to freeze defender to create advantages off the dribble when attacking. 

  • Dribble penetration to draw in defenders, making kick out passes using right/left hand passes

  • Looking off defenders and making a play. 

  • Being above average ball handlers and above average shooters.

  • Players will work on a variety of different shots. (1-2 dibble pull-ups shooting off the stride step vs jump stop, catch and shoot from mid range and 3 half court and in transition)

  • Runners vs Floaters. Players will learn how to shoot a runner as well as shooting floaters and the difference between the two. 

  • Clock management. Managing the clock and setting up good opportunities for your team.

  • Verbal communication vs non verbal communication. Using hand signals to communicate to your teammates. 

  • Applying pressure. Picking up your man or woman full court on ball defense. 

  • Taking pride on defense and setting the tone. Communication is KEY! 

  • Players will play full court and half court 1 on 1/ 2 on 2/ 3 on 3/ 4 on 4. 

  • Players will work on transition offense and defense and different situations, mismatch situations. 2 on 1/ 3 on 2. 

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