Ball Handling, Passing,Shooting and Defending

3rd - 4th Grade Boys and Girls

Monday, June 28th - Thursday, July 1st

1pm - 3pm

Cost: $160


(Players must register to attend)

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During this 4-day camp, players will learn how to dribble, pass and shoot while being guarded. Players will learn how to use change of direction moves, how to protect their dribble, how to create space with dribbles. Players will also learn how to make bounce, wrap, chest, overhead passes, as well as how to use pass fakes, and how to keep a high level of concentration when shooting while being guarded.

Areas of Focus:
● Using off-hand to protect ball
● Stay low in defensive chair
● How to properly contest shots
● How to time the ball for steals
● When to slide vs. when to run
● Creating space against 5 second time
● Keeping eyes up the floor while guarded
● Bounce passes & chest pass fakes
● Catch & shoot
● Shooting off the dribble
● Rhythm shooting
● Jab steps and shot fakes to get better shots