Saturday, June 19th

Using Ball Screens/ Defending Ball Screens & Decision Making

7th-8th Grade

Boys (court 1)

Girls (court 2)


Cost:  $45

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Join Hoop Hunter Basketball for a fun and energetic premier skills clinic!


We will only be accepting 4-6 players per clinic event on a first come first serve basis. Students may not register for upcoming events until registration is open.


During this exciting 1.5 hour clinic, Players can expect to learn how to better handle the basketball while keeping their eyes up the floor and receiving tight pressure from a defender. In addition to using the crossover and between the legs dribbles, Players will learn to use a retreat dribble to relieve pressure as well as use their body to shield the defender from the ball. Players will also be taught how to create driving opportunities using proper angles and learning how to finish with contact at the rim using their body.