Saturday, May 15th

Advanced Moves And Finishing Around The Paint/Rim


Euro Steps, Swing Throughs, Pro-Hops, Spin Moves, Reverse Lay-Ups, Early Lay-Ups, Floaters/Runners

9th - 12th Grade co-ed


Cost $45

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During this exciting 1.5 hour clinic, players will expect to learn how to make a variety of finishing moves around the paint and rim using the Euro Step, Swing Through, Pro-Hop techniques to create advantages when going against a defender in the paint. In addition to that, players will also learn a variety of different finishes around the rim using a reverse layup to shield the defender at the rim, and using an early lay-up to catch the defense off guard before they recover. Players will also be taught how to shoot runners and floaters another finishing move to use especially when going against a big in the paint to avoid getting your shot blocked.

* When we allow boys and girls to participate in the same  event, our goal is to have the girls work with other girls and boys with boys if at all possible but please note that we wouldn’t do anything to negotiate the safety and welfare of either gender.   All players must bring their own basketball.


* If you prefer more personal attention, please consider signing up for private or small group training sessions.