Saturday, July 24th

Advanced Moves And Finishing Around The Paint/Rim


Euro Steps, Swing Throughs, Pro-Hops, Spin Moves, Reverse Lay-Ups, Early Lay-Ups, Floaters/Runners

9th - 12th Grade (co-ed)

7:30am - 9am

Cost:  $45

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Join Hoop Hunter Basketball for a fun and energetic premier skills clinic!


We will only be accepting 4-6 players per clinic event on a first come first serve basis. Students may not register for upcoming events until registration is open.

During this exciting 1.5 hour clinic, players will expect to learn how to make a variety of finishing moves around the paint and rim using the Euro Step, Swing Through, Pro-Hop techniques to create advantages when going against a defender in the paint. In addition to that, players will also learn a variety of different finishes around the rim using a reverse layup to shield the defender at the rim, and using an early lay-up to catch the defense off guard before they recover. Players will also be taught how to shoot runners and floaters another finishing move to use especially when going against a big in the paint to avoid getting your shot blocked.