Saturday, July 17th

Defense & Rebounding/ Closing out to shooters/ Contested Shooting

7th-8th Grade

Boys (court 1)

Girls (court 2)


Cost:  $45

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Join Hoop Hunter Basketball for a fun and energetic premier skills clinic!


We will only be accepting 4-6 players per clinic event on a first come first serve basis. Students may not register for upcoming events until registration is open.

During this exciting 1.5 hour clinic, players will expect to learn about defensive principles when playing man to man defense by being low in a defensive stance, and moving your feet to stay in front of your man. In addition to that, players will also learn how to close out to shooters by sprinting out and chopping their feet so that they don’t overplay shooters. On the other hand, players on offense will get the chance to take contested jump shots to work on shooting while under pressure.