Saturday, June 12th

Advanced Ball Handling Moves And Shooting Off The Dribble Using The Pull Back Move

7th-8th Grade

Boys (court 1)

Girls (court 2)


Cost:  $45

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Join Hoop Hunter Basketball for a fun and energetic premier skills clinic!


We will only be accepting 4-6 players per clinic event on a first come first serve basis. Students may not register for upcoming events until registration is open.


During this exciting 1.5 hour clinic, players will expect to learn a variety of different advanced ball handling moves off the dribble to shift the defender to create angles and opportunities using counter moves off of a single move. In addition to that players will learn how to make combo moves using the between the legs crossover, between the legs behind the back moves to shift the defender. Off of that, players work on taking shots off the dribble by using the pull back dribble move, behind the leg, behind the back to create additional space off the dribble for a shot used when the defender is riding the offensive players hip when driving to the basket.

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