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Hoop Hunter Club Teams (Fall/Winter 2018-19)


Tryout Dates

Saturday, September 8

9:00 am:  8th grade, BOYS

11:00 am:  8th grade, GIRLS

check back at a later date for 5th-7th grade teams


The goals of our Club Team program is to help players improve their;   basketball skills, personal play from a team setting, competiveness, assertiveness, work habits as well as build and/or maintain confidence. 


Each club team will consist of one coach who will conduct the initial tryout and weekly team practices.

The coach must follow HHB coach’s code of conduct, throughout the season, as they effectively coach, communicate, teach and motivate players.



Our goal is to carry 10 players on each team.



Tryout fee is $10 (non-refundable)

Each player who attends tryouts is expected to have an adequate amount of skills and knowledge of the game to help aid them in becoming a member of the team. Every coach will choose players who are the best overall fit for the team.


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