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Frequently asked Club Team Questions

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Q: How many tournaments will HHB play during the Spring/Summer season?

A: All 5th & 6th grade teams will play in 8 tournaments with all 8 being local (DFW area).  5th & 6th grade teams will also have 3 additional weekends of Club Team Tune-ups (April, May & June).  All teams ranging from 7th - varsity will play in 9 tournaments with a minimum of 2 travel tournaments outside the DFW area.  The other 7 tournaments will be played locally.  7th - varsity will not have Club Team Tune-ups as part of their schedule, but players are welcomed to attend sessions to work on their skills.


Q: When and where are practices for HHB?

A: Immediately after the teams are formed, teams will practice once per week at our Hoop Hunter Gym (probably on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon) until Spring Break. Practice times will be decided as soon as all of our club teams are set, but will be somewhere between 6-9pm. Location will either be the Hoop Hunter Gym in Roanoke or at one of the surrounding gyms in the area. Each team will practice twice a week starting after spring break and going through late July.


Q: What are Club Team Tune-Ups?

A: Club Team Tune-Ups are weekends that are dedicated solely to player development. HHB Staff will dedicate time to working on polishing the basic fundamentals of the game. We see this to be as valuable as our normal weekly practices or any tournament games that we will play in.


Q: When will Club Team Tune-Ups occur?

A: Club Team Tune-Ups will occur once per month and will take place on a Saturday or Sunday and will take place at our Hoop Hunter Basketball gym.  Club team tune-ups will be held for all 5th & 6th grade teams, but players from other 2017 HHB Club teams are welcomed to attend.


Q: Is there an additional cost for Club Team Tune-Ups?

A: No. There is no additional cost. Club Team Tune-Ups is a part of the entire Club Team Program with Hoop Hunter Basketball.


Q: Can I opt out of the Club Team Tune-Ups to lower my cost?

A: No. Hoop Hunter Basketball offers the entire Club Team Program with no opt out options. We strongly believe in continuing player development and this is our organization’s way of making sure that we dedicate specific time to player development outside of our normal practice days.


Q: When will I know if my student makes the team?

A: You and your family will be contacted between 3-5 days after your tryout. The Coach and or Club Team Manager will call or e-mail you directly.


Q: How much does it cost to be a part of HHB?

A: 5th & 6th grade teams:  total cost $1450

payment schedule:  $400 due April 1st; $350 due May 1st; $350 due June 1st; $350 due July 1st


7th & 8th grade teams:  total cost $1550

payment schedule:  $425 due April 1st; $375 due May 1st; $375 due June 1st; $375 due July 1st


All HS teams:  total cost $1650

payment schedule:  $450 due April 1st; $400 Due May 1st; $400 due June 1st; $400 due July 1st


Q: What will HHB team players wear for tournaments?

A: HHB members will each receive an individual jersey and shorts to wear to all tournament games. Team members will also receive a warm-up shooter shirt.


Q: What type of player are you looking for the club teams?

We are looking for players who have a general knowledge of how to play the game and are willing to compete and have a desire to constantly improve. We seek out players that are great teammates and who are teachable. We want Hoop Hunter Hustlers to constantly push each other with healthy competition.


Q: How are your coaches chosen to join Hoop Hunter?

A: Our coaches our chosen through careful consideration and recommendations from other coaches around the area as well as coaches already connected to Hoop Hunter. We choose people that we know will push your child to get better on and off the court in a positive manner. We are driving to build better basketball players as well as human beings. Our coaches each have prior basketball and coaching knowledge that they bring to the table.


Q: Is HHB a competitive club team program?

A: We are always seeking basketball players that are looking to develop their skills at a competitive level. From the moment tryouts start we will be fostering a competitive environment to better strengthen our players.


Q:  Are  the varsity club team tryouts only open to current 11th graders?

A: No.  The varsity club team tryouts are available to players off all grades that can play at the varsity level.  For example, a 9th or 10th grader that is capable of playing at the varsity level is more than welcome to attend the varsity club team tryout as well as the tryout for their grade level.


Q: How is playing time given out?

A: Playing time is EARNED. All players will have an equal opportunity to gain and lose more playing time by attending practices and games as well as working extremely hard while they are on the court. We want players that are putting in the extra time to get better and get more quality playing time on the court. This is a competitive team and playing time will not just be handed out. Playing time is also continually changing dependent on the situation in the game as well as how the athlete is performing in the games and at practice. Players must be great teammates and must lift each other up with praise.


Q: Can I help coach my son/daughter’s team if they make it?

A: No. While we appreciate your desire to help we are a business and a family that has strict policies on coaching. We want your child to get used to listening to their coach while at practices, so in game situations the only voice they are listening to is their coaches. We love the support you give your athlete, but you are only a support system as well as a fan for your child as well as THE ENTIRE REST OF THEIR TEAM


Q: Are roster spots held or reserved for former players?

A: No. All roster spots will have to be EARNED.  Hoop Hunter Basketball will not hold or reserve a roster spot for any reason.  The main objective for club teams is to form the most complete and competitive team possible each year.  


Q: Due to a scheduling conflict, my son/daughter won't be able to attend the tryout.  How can they tryout for a team?

If a player cannot tryout for their grade, then Hoop Hunter asks that arrangments are made to attend a tryout of a different grade so that they can still be evaluated by a staff member.  Please contact the office to make arrangements.

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