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Winter League

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Game Rules


Basket Height: 10 ft.

3rd/4th Grade girls and boys: Intermediate Ball (28.5)

5th/6th Grade girls: Intermediate Ball (28.5)

5th/6th Grade boys: Official Regulation Ball (29.5)


Two (2),14 minute halves, clock stops unless a team is up by 25 points or more.  Clock will continue to run until the score is under 20 points.

If a team is up by 15 points or more, the clock will continue to run.

3 minute overtime if tied at end of regulation (2nd overtime is sudden death)


Defensive Pressure:

1. 3rd/4th Grade boys and girls: Full court defensive pressure is permitted only in the second half of the game.

2. 5th/6th Grade: Full court defensive pressure is permitted for the entire game.

3. When a team is ahead by 15 or more points: The leading team is restricted to no defensive pressure in the backcourt. Once ball control has been established on a rebound, the defensive team must get back.

4. Defensive pressure violations will result in the ball being given back to the offensive team. The third defensive pressure violation results in a team technical foul, one (1) free throw.


Foul shots: are taken from the regulation free throw line.  1 shot will equal two points if made.  If the player is fouled and makes the basket, they will be rewarded with an automatic 3 points.


Three-second lane violations are enforced.



Game sheets are provided at the time of the game by Hoop Hunter. The game sheet will list all players and coaches. Coaches must write down each player’s number. Hoop Hunter will provide the scorekeepers for each team and game.

Scorekeepers are required to sit on either side of the timekeeper. Scorekeepers may not sit in the stands or on the team bench.

The scorekeeper must list all players on each team by full name and number.

Record individual scoring, personal fouls, team fouls, time-outs and running score.


Forfeits:  A team must have a minimum of 4 players and 1 coach in order to start the game. If a team is unable to field a team (4 players and 1 coach) within 10 minutes of the scheduled game time the game will be forfeited. Forfeited games will not be rescheduled.


Bench:  Only eligible players and coaches (limit 2) on the official roster are permitted on the bench. During the game, coaches are not permitted on the court and must stay within the bench area. Referees may require that coaches remain seated. Failure to follow the referees’ instructions may result in a technical foul. After the first technical, the coach must remain seated on the bench.


Ten Second Rule: Teams have ten (10) seconds to get the ball over the half court line. Timeouts taken prior to crossing the half court line will reset the ten (10) second clock. When back court pressure is restricted the ten (10) second clock will not be reset.


Jump Ball:  Games will start with a center jump ball. Thereafter, teams will alternate throw-ins on jump ball situations. The timekeeper will maintain the possession arrow. Overtime periods start with a center jump ball.


Time outs:  Each team is allowed two (2), thirty (30) second timeouts per game. If game goes to Overtime, each team will be awarded 1 time-out.



Individual Fouls: A player must leave the game after receiving five (5) fouls.

Teams Fouls: Every foul counts as a team foul, including offensive and technical fouls.

On the tenth (10th) foul, the team will be in the bonus and shoot 1 shot for 2 points.

Fouls Shots: Every foul shot will be 1 shot for two points. If the player gets fouled and makes the basket, his/her team will be rewarded with 3 points.

Technical Fouls: Result in one (1) free throw for one (1) point and loss of possession. Two (2) technical fouls against a player or coach will result in ejection from the game. The player or coach must immediately leave the playing area. Technical fouls assessed for inappropriate behavior by the fans or bench will be assessed to the Head Coach.



If the game is tied at the end of regulation, a three (3) minute overtime period will be played. If the game remains tied at the end of the first overtime, a sudden death overtime period will be played. In the sudden death overtime period, the first team who scores wins the game. Overtime periods start with a center jump ball.



Prior to entering the game, all players must report to the scorer’s table. Failure to do so may result in a technical foul.

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