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high percentage moves with deon

Join Deon for a two-hour special event as he teaches young talented players how to practice making high percentage mid-range shots & moves inside the 3-point line.

We pride ourselves in 32 years of serving the Dallas-Forth Worth area. We welcome any and every student wanting to learn more!

Making High Percentage Moves and Shots with Deon

Areas of focus

Drive hard, make 1 move and attack the rim using your left or right hand to finish

Catch, rip through, drive baseline using a jump stop floater

Drive hard, use a euro-step (to avoid contact with defender) and finish with a lay-up

Move quickly to an open spot, spot up, catch and shoot (get shot off quickly)

Attack rim, change direction using 1 dribble pull up

Dribble hand-off, pull up and shoot in the paint area

Dribble hand-off, pull up and shoot, no dribbles

Drive from the left and right wing, use a shot fake, step through and shoot

Hand-off, drift, attack rim, pull up (left and right)

Hand-off (near left and right corner), pull up at left and right elbow

Drive, make contact with the defender’s body, use a step back to create space, pull up

Swing ball side-to side, penetrate, kick to shooter, rising or drifting

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