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New Sign Up Process for Clinics, Programs & Summer Camps

In an effort to streamline our services, we are proud to announce that we are implementing a new registration system for all our clinics, programs and summer camps. 


The new registration system has been integrated into our own website so it will appear seamless and will make our registration process more user-friendly by adding the following features:

  • The new system will prompt you to setup a family profile when you register for a class for the first time after implementation.  The system will store all your information.  Once you have created a family profile you can select camps, clinics and programs for each child without having to re-enter your main information.

  • Once you setup a profile and password you will then have a family Dashboard which will show all the camps, programs and clinics you have signed up for on your account from here forward.

  • Payments can be made online quickly and easily as part of the registration process.

  • If classes are cancelled, rain delayed or postponed we can notify you via text messaging to make information flow quickly and more efficiently.

For camps, clinics and programs through May 31st you can make payments at the event, but as of June 1st we are going paperless and payments will be made online as part of your registration process. 


Please pardon the dust as we work through any challenges that come up as this system is new to us too.  If there are issues along the way, we will work to correct them in a timely manner and make adjustments as we move forward to make things better.

Contact the office with any questions you might have.

Thank you for being a part of our Hoop Hunter family and we look forward to serving you better.


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