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Jordan Ward

Hello, my name is Jordan Ward. I was born and raised in the North Texas area where my family has always been very involved in sports. I quickly learned that my passion was in the game of basketball so I made every effort to learn more about the game as well as develop my skills.

I attended Alvord High School where my love for the sport only grew. At Alvord, I lettered all four years on the court as well as earned a 2nd team All-District honor my freshmen year. My sophomore year, my game was developing even more earning me a spot on the 1st team All-District list. By my junior and senior year, I was MVP of my district as well as earned All-state honors.

I am currently continuing my basketball career as well as my education at the University of Central Oklahoma where I am studying Kinesiology –exercise and fitness management.

I have had great coaches, mentors and teammates throughout my basketball career that have developed into lifelong friends and extended family. Being apart of Hoop Hunter Basketball has been no exception! I met Deon my freshmen year of high school where he not only helped me develop my
game, but helped me grow in many other aspects of my life. My goal is to give back in hopes that I can inspire kids to pursue their passions and create an enthusiasm in them that will allow them to reach their potential.

What deon says...

Only two words describe Jordan Ward. Super Student-Athlete!

Jordan is one of the finest, hard working persons that I've ever trained on the basketball court. She plays the game with a purpose and passion. She's a talented all around athlete with superior work habits. One of the things that I like most about Jordan is that she believes in putting God first and giving her best in everything that she does. Jo, which is her nickname, has been fully trained by me and she knows how to get players prepared for high play, smart play or competitive play. She currently plays point and off guard in college. She's a good fit for anyone who's willing to pour it out on the court. Players who are willing to go the extra mile should train with Jo. She can tell you how you should eat, get in shape, make better grades and prepare for games. And in addition knows how to help you with the skills that you need to get you where you want to go.


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