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Kaitlyn Randall


I’m Kaitlyn Randall from Trophy Club, Texas. I’ve played four years of varsity basketball at Byron Nelson High School. When I was in the third grade; I found the love of the game as I watched my older brother play. 

I started training with Hoop Hunter Basketball just after recovering from my ACL and meniscus injury in 2017. Training with Coach Taylor and Hoop Hunter helped me recover and recognize that my basketball career wasn’t close to over.


I will be continuing my basketball career at McMurry University in Abilene Texas as I pursue a degree in Kinesiology and plan to become a physical therapist.  I’m excited to see how far I can push myself to play against girls with the same passion as me.


I chose D3 basketball so that I could play the sport I love with girls at my level.  I’m very pleased to be able to help and give back to Hoop Hunter. I’m not quite sure what I will accomplish while continuing my basketball career, but I can guarantee through persistence and hard work, many milestones will be accomplished, and many memories will be made.


What deon says...

Kaitlyn is the type of person and has the personality that I often look for to join our family of outstanding trainers. She’s got a very bubbly personality, self-driven, prepares well prior to training her students and she’s committed to given her very best towards helping players upgrade the fundamentals and advance fundamentals needed to play successful basketball.

Kaitlyn will be training players from 1st graders through high school. She trains with lots of passion. Kaitlyn’s a by-product of “The student can’t become the teacher until she’s fully trained”, well, Kaitlyn is fully trained and will be a member of our staff throughout the entire summer and when she’s home from college on breaks.  If you have a son or daughter who needs a trainer whose patient, a good communicator, demonstrates and who motivates well, Kaitlyn’s your trainer.  

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