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● In order to prevent confusion of teams having similar colored jerseys, all teams will be required to have dark and light-colored jerseys (or reversible jerseys) with permanent affixed numbers.

● ​Home team: Light colored jerseys / Away team: Dark colored jerseys 

● Jersey numbers may not be duplicated on the same team and must be between 0-99. 

● Numbers must be permanently affixed to the jersey, not taped or pinned to the jersey. Numbers that are hand written in pencil, marker, or any type of ink pen will not be allowed. 

● Due to player’s safety, no jewelry of any kind can be worn during games

● Hoop Hunter/BBI will not provide uniforms for teams.

Fouls and Technical Fouls: 

● Each player is allowed 7 personal fouls per game. 

● Once a team accumulates 10 fouls, 1 shot for 2 points shooting goes into effect. 

● Any player or coach receiving a (1) technical foul will be automatically ejected from the game.

● Ejected coaches must leave the premises immediately. Any player ejected may remain on the bench with the team, but cannot reenter the game for unsportsmanlike conduct, and will also receive an additional game suspension. 

● Technical, flagrant fouls and ejections are up to official’s discretion.



● Teams may use their 5 timeouts before a game before it will be declared a forfeit. 

● Teams are required to give 24-hour notice if they will not be able to make a game. We will try to get the scheduled opponent another game but cannot guarantee it. If we cannot find another game, the original game will be a forfeit loss for the team that didn’t show.

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Game Play: 

● Teams must have 4 players on the court for the game to begin. 

● ALL games will be 45 minutes of play, running clock 

● Halftime will be 3 minutes, halftime will occur at the 20 min mark. 

● Each team will be allowed five (5) one-minute timeouts per game. 

● In case of a tie, a three (3) minute overtime period will be played with the clock stopping the last minute (1) of overtime. 

● One (1) additional timeout is allowed for overtime. 

● Basket height will be 8.5 feet goal.

● Ball size will be 28.5

● Games will be ran two (2) at a time on both ends of the floor

● There will be one (1) official per game

● There will be no zone defense allowed, teams may only run man defensive plays. 


**Hoop Hunter Basketball asks that coaches do not run zone for the betterment of the league and the players, teaching players how to stay with whom they’re guarding and man to man defensive principles.**


Point Ahead (Mercy) Rule: If a team is ahead by twenty (20) or more points the clock will not stop except for injuries and time-outs until the team ahead is less than (20) twenty points. 

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