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Sean Choate

Sean is an educated young man who fell in love with the game of basketball at a very young age.


During his middle and high school career, he spent countless hours on the court working on his individual skills so that he could compete with the best players in the state of Texas. While doing this took lots of sacrifice on his part, it ultimately helped Sean develop into a very competitive student-athlete.

Currently, Sean is continuing his education at UNT with aspirations of becoming a successful high school and/or college basketball coach.


  • Graduate of  Guyer High School 2015 (Denton, Texas)

  • 2 year captain

  • 3 year all-district awards

  • 4 year all area

  • 2 year all region

  • TABC’s choice 3 pt shooter award (2015)

  • Signed out of high school to US Naval Academy

What deon says...

Sean is a very bright and talented young man. His overall GPA in high school was 3.65 (and that should tell you something). He’s an “old school” gym rat who became fascinated about becoming a student of the game.

After hearing about HHB from several people outside & inside of our organization, Sean felt led to connect with us because of our history, faith based values, reputation, the personal growth and development that young trainers get (who aspire to become successful coaches) and because he has a genuine heart for helping young players learn and improve the skills needed to play basketball (correctly and competitively).


Sean loves the Lord and he looks forward to his continued growth under my leadership. He’s very versatile and can train both boys & girls, 1st grade through high school. He understands how training works because as a young teenager, he spent several years being trained. He will train players who play point guard, wing, small forward, low & high post, center and shooting guard. Sean has a calming way of getting his point across while teaching, motivating, encouraging, inspiring & praising young players.

 He’s ready to go, are you?


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