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only ball handling w/ deon

Scope of work: 

“Only Ball Handling” with Deon Hunter involves learning the principles of how to dribble the basketball correctly and take care of the ball while dribbling with your left and right hand, under control, with your eyes up (seeing the court), changing directions and speeds, how to be shifty, using solid pound dribbles, dribbling low, speed dribbles, creating space and how to protect the basketball & talk while being guarded by a defender. Players will also learn how, when, and where on the court to make and use certain dribbles.


This special event is specifically designed to help players learn, improve, and develop the ability to handle the basketball with assertiveness and confidence.  It is highly recommended that players participate in as many sessions as possible to fully receive the skills that are taught weekly.

Hoop Hunter Basketball is an institution that values family, growth, and efficiency.

3rd-4th Coed
Monday Feb 5th
Monday Feb 26th
Monday Feb 12th
Monday March 4
Monday Feb 19th
Morning Session: Holiday
Monday March 11
Monday March 18
Monday March 25
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