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Policies and guidelines during COVID-19



As of April 5th, 2021 we will again welcome parents/spectators in the gym.  One parent per athlete will be able to enter and remain in the gym.  Bleachers will be pulled down to provide a seating area.  We ask that parents/spectators remain seated at all times to maintain proper social distancing.

Although Governor Abbott has lifted the mask mandate for the state, we will continue to follow CDC guidelines and require masks for athletes and parents/spectators when in the facility and not on the court.  We want to maintain a healthy environment and protect the safety and health of all our customers.  Thank you for your continued efforts to keep us open so we can continue to train.

Trainers will continue to wear masks while training and when demonstration and discussion is necessary they will pull mask down and maintain a 6ft distance. 

Athletes are still required to bring their own ball and water at this time.

Athletes will continue to enter through the front door and exit the side door to maintain proper distancing

Trainers continue to maintain sanitization procedures throughout the facility to maintain a healthy environment.

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