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Deon demonstrating how players can practice Ball Handling in their driveway which he considers their home pad.

The story...

The origin of the Hoop Hunter begins with a story long ago of an eager child, a basketball and a hoop. It wasn't for the money, the fame or the glory. It was for the love of the game. It was for the love of a challenge. It was for the innate burning within Deon Hunter to succeed at a sport so many fail at.

The goal...

Deon Hunter, current CEO and operating owner of Hoop Hunter Basketball, has built an organization that is wholly and completely centered on developing a youth's love for the game of basketball and love of the Lord. Deon's sole desire is to teach his students to seek out the hoop, to hunt for it on a daily basis with the yearning to excel higher every day. In turn, he hopes his students learn the valuable lesson that just as we hunt for the hoop, we should hunt for a relationship with the Lord.

This is the story of OHH, the original Hoop Hunter.

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