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Our goal at Hoop Hunter is to equip each athlete with the skills and confidence they need to be the best player they can be 

General Policies: 

 - Training session packages must be paid for in full on or before the first session

-  All online registration forms must be completed prior to training

 - All athletes must provide their own equipment including basketball and water         for training sessions

Cancellation Policy Revised: 

 - Trainer/Office must be notified of cancellation 24 hours before scheduled session

     - You must receive verbal/written confirmation from trainer or office

     - Cancellations for other than injury or illness will be forfeited if we can't fill spot

 -  If you do not appear for a scheduled session or do not provide at least 24 hours          notice for us to try to fill the spot you will be charged the full session

  - Trainers will only wait 15 minutes for late arrivals and session will start/end on time      agreed upon.  Please call the trainer if you are going to be more than 5 minutes          late

Refund Policy:

 - Private training session packages are NON-REFUNDABLE

-  If you purchase a private or group training package and are not able to                     complete due to health issues you may be eligible for a refund for unused                 sessions minus a $10 processing fee

   - You must provide documentation from a physician in order to receive a refund.

    - Refund will be based on owner approval

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